General Information
Scientific Name dieye/monohorn/diarm/medentail bojne
Common Name Volcanoid
Pronunciation vole-cuh-noid
Phylum Dieye/Monohorn/Diarm/Medentail
Locations Volcanoes
Rarity Rare
 Humanoid Information
Element(s) unknown
Sapience unknown
Volcanoids are Fire/Earth element Compelions formed in volcanoes.


Volcanoids are created when normal Humanoids are exposed to magma and complixonox, both of which are plentiful in volcanoes. As a result, they mainly reside in places like Mt. Ice and Mt. Swoldiutope.

They can generate lava within their bodies and fire it from their eyes and their horn. They also float around on a plume of ashy smoke, allowing the Volcanoid to fly out of reach of attackers and rain down lava from above.

Volcanoids are carnivorous and become nauseous if they ingest vegetable matter. They form packs in order to hunt down large animals like Fire Roarolves. They are about as intelligent as the average hyena.


  • Volcanoids comvert the slowest of all Compelions, and it is usually quite easy to tell someone who is affected by the open sore on top of their horn, the brown calluses on their skin, and the lava coming out of their eyes.